Liverpool Century Road Club is a cycling club based in The Hub building at Knowsley Sports Centre.
We Meet every Wednesday night 7pm till 9pm.
With instant access to The Track and almost a Century of cycling behind us we are sure we can help you develop into whatever cyclist you want to be, from a quiet Sunday run to competitive racer, we cater for all.
New members can come down to the clubrooms and meet us to get a feel for the club.
years of cycling


For 100 years Liverpool Century have been riding their bikes. The clubs history is rich with adventures home and abroad. The original club ride was to Ormskirk

Liverpool Century offers many different rides catering for all levels of rider ability, from those throwing their leg over a bike for the first time to seasoned riders looking to push their limits.
There are the standard rides on SATURDAY’s, SUNDAYs and WEDNESDAY’s in the summer.

The Club run every Sunday from Knowsley Sports Centre (unless advertised). This is the traditional Sunday ride, ridden at a steady pace with a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind.

The Beginners ride for those new to cycling. Short local routes, paced to suit all riders. Cafe stop and nobody is left behind.

The Advanced ride every Sunday from various starting locations. Longer distances, ridden at a steady pace; may or may not have a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind.

Ride Rules

  • Riders are expected to use a road worthy bike
  • Wear suitable clothing for the weather
  • Bring a phone and take some numbers from your companions
  • Bring spare tyres and equipment needed to repair a flat tyre (mini tool, pump)
  • Respect your fellow riders and listen to experienced riders
  • If you move ahead of the bunch on a climb or get separated, wait for the group before you meet the next turn/ junction

The traditional club run for those who want to participate in a steady ride covering from 60 – 80 miles. Great fun and an excellent way to make new friends and find the joys of group riding.

A Group (17/19 mph average 80 mile approx ride)

B Group ( steady 15 mph average 55 miles approx)

C Group ( 12/13 mph – newcomers About 40 mile rides.

Most Club rides include a cafe stop.

These are Sunday club rides and the A, B and C rides will ‘generally’ leave from the Velodrome Car Park at 9:00 a.m. Look out Facebook and/or E mails to confirm.

Knowsley Velodrome is at :

Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park
Longview Drive

Saturday 2 hour non stopper at about 18 mph. Starts at 10;00 am from Wingray Garage in Woolton (aka The B and Y -Barking and Yipping )

Saturday 2 hour non stopper at same pace but starts at 10;00 am from ‘The Wheatsheaf’ Rainford by pass.These begin in October.

Wednesday night

Summer A Group road rides from the Velodrome.Start at 6:15 pm

Racing Group:

(These are training rides and ‘generally’ start from the Old Tunnel Entrance)see Liverpool Century Facebook page on Saturdays for details.

The criteria for being part of the Racing group is:
# that you have some experience of racing this year but ambition to improve next season.
# interested in the whole picture – Training / Nutrition / Recovery.
# a commitment to follow a structured training plan and keep a record in the form of an online training diary.
# leave your ego at the door – we don’t use training rides to show how well we are going by ripping each others legs off (until February ).
# Encourage each other and pass knowledge and experience on through the club.
# Gadgets etc not compulsory, but if you have a power meter or thinking of getting one, you might find it helpful to learn how to incorporate it into a training program.
# Wear your club kit with pride on group rides and form a team spirit that carries over into racing as a team next season.
So if this sounds like you and you’d like to get involved (and have paid your subs) send me a PM with your goals and targets and I’ll forward on to Andy Bennett.
Andy is always happy to help with any individual coaching based matters re: nutrition, training, racing etc, & don’t forget that this club has a team of coaches and a huge amount of experience

Chaingang on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from the Wingrays Garage in Woolton. 19mph and above. Thro’ and off-for those racing. Leaves at 6:30. Runs from change of of clocks

Join us 

Join the Liverpool Century Road Club and enjoy your cycling all the more.

We cater for youngsters, oldsters and everyone in between, including families.

Key Membership Benefits

Monthly Club Newsletter

British Cycling coaching for Track and Cyclocross

Turbo Training Classes during winter months

Training Weekends

Summer Evening 10 mile Time Trials

Weekly Club Nights (Wednesday 7pm till 9pm) @ The Hub

Summer Evening 1 hour Social Road Rides

Saturday & Sunday Group Rides

Please fill in the relevant forms and bring them down to the club night

A. Any road worthy bike is a good place to start. Don’t worry about having the latest top of the range bike. Being part of a club gives you access to knowledge and advice on what you’ll need!
Senior Membership £25
Junior or Juvenile Membership £10 Family Membership £30
A. The track is back in use with sessions every Wednesday from 7pm. All sessions are weather dependent.
The whole purpose of a club like ours is to welcome and help develop beginners. You haven’t got to be able to ride the Tour De France to join


A committed team of coaches provide year round advice and quality sessions. All our coaches are qualified, insured and first aid trained

  • Barry Warriner

    Knowsley Coach of the year

  • Andy Bennett

    ABBC level 2 coach

  • Phil Garton-Pope

    Level 2 Track, Road & Timetrial

  • Mike Fugaccia

    Level 2 Cyclocross

  • Tommy Murphy

    Level 2 coach

  • Alan Linford

    Level 2 coach

  • Hannah McDonald

    Level 2 Coach

  • Alex Nurse

    Level 2 Coach

  • Geraint Parry

    Level 2 Coach


With an outdoor velodrome on our doorstep we have access to the track on club nights weather permitting

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Time trialing is at the heart of Liverpool Century. We have club 10 mile time trials throughout the summer and a Club Open 10.

Road racing is the life blood of the Century. We have had a long tradition of top level riders who have moved onto the professional circuit.

A tough sport for those willing to get a bit dirty. Nothing will improve your fitness and bike handling like cross

A seasonal category of racing that caters for those who love a race uphill against the clock