The speedruns are traditionally rides that date back to the 70’s that the Liverpool Century hold every year as the winter ends and the racing season approaches. They are a chance for the Racing contingent to sharpen their form or for anyone who has been training over the winter to test their fitness.

The rides aren’t suitable for complete novices but anyone with a decent fitness level and knowledge of riding in a chain gang is more than welcome to have a go. It is suggested that you upload the course to your Garmin or learn the route just in case you lose contact with the group and have to make your way back to the mills on your own.

They will be held this year on the 4 consecutive weekends starting on 31st January.

The format is usually that we all leave the 2 mills at around 10:20 ( although if the group is too big – more than 20 – we will split into 2 groups). The first half of the ride is steady like any other club run, but at a predetermined point on each ride we start riding through and off. After this point you are responsible for yourself, the group will not stop for punctures. If you are not riding smoothly or cocking up the through and off due to fitness or lack of experience, you will be politely asked to go to the back of the group and observe.

Speed runs always split into smaller groups as the pace takes its toll, so try and form a group with similar ability riders and carry on working to get a good workout.

Each run has a ‘Finish line’. This is to stop riders taking risks to get back to the café where the finish traditionally was. The finish will be made clear before each run.

Full winter bikes are still expected including mudguards except on No.4 if the weather is dry. This is when you can dig the race bike out and check it’s all in order. If it is wet mudguards are still expected.

You must also make sure you have the equipment and ability to fix your punctures if you are alone and have enough fuel to get you back to the café.

Garmin files for each speed run are available to upload on the club website here

Speedrun1      Speedrun2     Speedrun3    Speedrun4

If conditions are icy or dangerous in any way, the run will be cancelled. This will be posted on facebook as early as possible.