The Speedruns

The Speedruns

4 weekends in February

The speedruns have a long history in the Century and are used to bring riders into form for the coming racing season. They are held on every Sunday in February and increase in length and difficulty until the final test ‘The Sportsman’. These rides are not races but controlled rides ridden in distinct phases.

First part of the ride is ridden steadily this will get us to the furthest point on that given day, ridden conservatively so riders are as fresh as possible for the return leg. If a rider has a problem the group will wait.

The next phase will see the pace rise and the group starting to work through and off, there are no attacks or surges in pace. If a rider tires it is better for them to take a rest at the rear rather than be dropped. The group has to work together so it doesn’t split. From this point on anybody dropped or suffering a mechanical problem will have to make it home alone.

The final phase comes into play as the finish nears. This is the only point when a bit of race ‘practice’ comes into play. Riders may just put the hammer down in an attempt to break free and cross the line first, at no point is it a race and no rider should do anything to endanger their fellow riders.

Meet at the Birkenhead tunnel entrance for 9 or to leave Mills for 10:15 sharp. The ride will return to the Mills then back through the tunnel.

Wear clubkit if you have it

Winter bikes are to be ridden, mudguards are essential

Good bikes are allowed for the final run

Lights are advised in case of adverse weather

Check your bike is in good working order the day before

Wear clothing appropriate to the conditions