Liverpool Time Trials Cycling Association



(Please Note all awards are only open to riders from clubs affiliated to the Association)


THE JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP  is open to JUNIOR riders who complete two of the (8) Qualifying 25 mile time trials (Best average speed.)

THE ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP is open to riders who complete a 25mile, 50mile, 100mile and 12hour ride from the Qualifying events as shown overleaf.


THE MIDDLE DISTANCE CHAMPIONSHIP First Introduced in 2002 this competition is open to riders who complete a 10, 25 and a 50 from the Qualifying events as overleaf.


Association Trophies Available for competition.


Individual Awards;

Pat Walsh Trophy; Association Champion.

Export Trophy; Junior Champion

Harry Middleton Trophy; Middle Distance Champion.

Percy Brazendale Cup; Best Association rider in 12hour.

John Plumbley; Fastest rider in the W.C.T.T.C.A. September“25”


Team Awards;

Hyman Gilbert Cup; Fastest Association Team in the W.C.T.T.C.A “50”

Cunningham Trophy; Fastest Association Team in the Anfield “100”

Nanson Cup; Fastest Association Team in the Shropshire “100”

Express Shield; Fastest Association Team in the Chester Road Club “50”

Lewis Shield; Association Team in the Associations 12hour.

Vice Presidents Shield; Fastest Association Team in the W.C.T.T.C.A. September “25”


                    Certificates are awarded to all Championship Finishers


Summary of the 2014 Competitions.


Colin Hayes Liverpool Century R.C retained the Association Championship narrowly beating Arthur Winstanley, Liverpool Phoenix C.C (Aintree) who with Phil Warburton and Andrew Connery finishing 3rd and 6th place respectively, made up the Championship winning team.

10 riders completed the Championship including (2) ladies. Janet Fairclough, St Helens CRC and Louise Hogg, Liverpool Phoenix C.C (Aintree), finishing in 9th and 10th respectively.


The Middle Distance Championship was won by Kevin Larmer, Port Sunlight Whls narrowly beating Mike Garner, Birkenhead North End C.C, with Tommy Murphy (Liverpool Century R.C) in 3rd place.

This Championship was a very competitive series with a record 32 riders completing the Qualifying distances. These included 5 ladies and leading them was Hannah Macdonald (Liverpool Century R.C) in 13th Place.

Chester R.C with 9 riders had the highest Number of finishers, with Liverpool Century R.C in second place with 7 finishers.