Geoff Bewley 2015

Liverpool Century return to Otterspool park in the second event held there this year. The course will be technical and place a constant pressure on all the riders, one slip and you’ve lost a place.

Otters Cafe have kindly let us use their outdoor toilets on the day. They will be sign posted.
Please use these toilets first over the ones inside.

Start times & fees

10:45 Youth Category B CX Band 4 Youth U14, Youth U16 £6.00
11:30 Under 12 Go-Cross None Under 12 £1.00
12:00 Under 10 Go-Cross None Under 12 £1.00
12:15 Under 8 Go-Cross None Under 12 £1.00
12:45 Veteran Men Category B CX Band 4 Vet 40-49, Vet 50+ £14.00
12:45 Senior & Veteran Women Category B CX Band 4 Women £14.00
12:45 Junior & U23 Women Category B CX Band 4 Junior, Under 23 £12.00
14:15 Senior Men Category B CX Band 4 Senior £14.00
14:15 Junior & U23 Men Category B CX Band 4 Junior, Under 23 £12.00

Course maps

Subject to alteration on the day


Old Fire Station

1 Derby Lane

Old Swan

L13 6QA

Sign on is in the Otterscafe. Please respect the cafe and it’s facilities.

Parking on the prom can be very busy so there are other cars parks available. Turn down Mersey Road and there is parking 2 minutes from the course.

Riverside Drive also has a car park at the end, this is 5 mins ride from the course.

Fear the killerclimb

There will be
beads of sweat
tears shed

There can only be