Club contacts

Liverpool Century Contact List

President Phil Mitchell,

General Sec: Mick Loughran,

Chairman: Rob Pleavin,

Treasurer Eddie Sims,

Membership Sec: Dave Ellis, 14 Kildare Close, Hale Village, Liverpool, L24 5SA


Website: Mike Fugaccia,

Kit-man: Damian Field,

Club Coaches: Phil Garton Pope,

Mike Fugaccia,

Tommy Murphy,

Andy Bennett,

Initial point of contact for different aspects of club events/racing-

Century Club ‘10’ info: Rob Pleavin,

Rainford Club ‘10s’: Geraint Parry,

Club Ride info: Steve Schofield,

Litherland Racing: Andy Gibson,

Junior Racing info: Kevin Thompson,

Road Racing info: Mike Fugaccia,

Track Racing: Phil Garton Pope,

Women’s Racing: Hannah MacDonald,

Cyclocross Racing: Kevin McCann,

Ian Kendall,

February Training Weekend: Mike Armstrong,

Speedruns: Mike Fugaccia,