Manchester Wheelers Cyclo-Cross NW3

Results The Lazer North West Cyclo Cross League
Race: Manchester Wheelers Cyclo-Cross NW3
Date 5-Oct-14

Mick Style’s (Manchester Wheelers) course was one that contained all elements that you’d expect to find at cross event. It tested rider skill and physical ability with it’s long drags and tight technical elements. 2 Century members rode their first race and on the face of it appeared to enjoy it, I’m sure inner demons where asking the usual question during the race ‘why am I doing this?’

11 riders in one event, fantastic turn out. Plenty of cross action left this year if you fancy it!!

Cat: Youth (B)

20 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC U16B

Cat: U12 (Go-Cross)

4 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC U12G
(First girl)

Cat: Women / Vets (B)

20 Michael Fugaccia
24 Ian Kendall
78 Peter Leadbeater
104 Peter Albones (First race)
112 Graeme Fugaccia
117 Les Allen (First race)

Cat: Sen / Jnr (B)
15 Justin Finn (Only rider to bunny hop the planks on the hill…class act)
49 Kevin McCann (Great ride for first season back after a long time off)
65 Geraint Parry