4KM Pursuit at the Track


Thanks to Rob, Ray, Andy, Mike and Steve for standing in the chill wind to time the 4km Pursuit this eve. Next time someone get them a cuppa!

Some great rides on a rather windy backstretch!

Time Bike
Daniel Stevens 5.27.40 TT
Tommy Murphy 5.27.62 TT
Jonny Freeman 5.51.71 Road
Graham Prentice 5.54.62 TT
Alex Nurse 5.58.61 Road
Dan Gibson 6.02.68 Track
Hannah Macdonald 6.07.11 TT
Ian Kendall 6.09.80 TT
Steve Stuart 6.10.19 Track
Rick Meadows 6.13.38 Road
Jamie Pleavin 6.13.92 TT
Paul Stevenson 6.14.52 Road
Kevin McCann 6.15.16 Road
Geraint Parry 6.17.44 Track
Peter Thomas 6.18.21 Road
Savannah Morgan 6.30.44 Track
Brendan Thompson 6.43.75 Track
Joe Pink 6.48.25 Road
Terry Giblin 6.54.16 Track
Ian Collier 7.05.24 Track
Jamie Ford 7.51.18 Track