Monday night Track sessions

These sessions are suitable for all levels of ability as the sessions are split into groups of similar abilities and experience.

Don’t think that track riding is not for you. After a short while you’ll be riding the banking and taking part in the many skill sessions we put on. An example of a session is below

  • Warm up changing on the banking every half lap
  • Groups of 3 sprinting for 200m,  these are non-competitive and about pushing yourself
  • Pairs practising contact, starting with holding onto each others backs, then touching elbows moving onto shoulders, finally leaning into each other
  • Groups of 4 doing 15 lap pursuit , changing every half lap
  • Groups then rolling straight into a 5 lap scratch race

Each session was well matched and everybody got something out of it.

If you are new to track riding we can fit you in with some one on one coaching and bike hire is only £3 from Mark in the Hub.

Summer is here, get down and use the track!!