Sunday track sessions from British Cycling

Just to make you aware the new Velodrome programme at Knowsley will start as from 22nd June. We have decided to go with three sessions on a Sunday to start with and have plans to introduce a number of other sessions in the coming weeks depending on interest levels. Every Sunday from the 22nd June there will be a Taster/Accreditation session  9-10am, Women’s & Girls only session 10-11am and a Senior Session (Open to all experienced club riders) 11-12pm. Could you forward this email onto your club members to see if anyone is interested in any of the sessions at Knowsley starting on the 22ndJune. I would also be keen to set up an interest list for the “coming soon” sessions, so again if any of your club riders are interest, could you ask them to complete the attached expression of interest form and return to me asap.

Stage 1-Taster/Accreditation Session: This is an introductory session for beginners to the Velodrome track. You will receive professional coaching from a fully qualified British Cycling Track Coach.  The Taster sessions are great fun and provide you with the opportunity to try track cycling for the first time. 
Once you have successfully completed a taster session and you are eager to progress further, you can then move onto the stages of accreditation. Riders wishing to progress to the Stage 2 Improver and then the Stage 3 Advanced/Accreditation sessions must first be assessed during a Taster session. You should inform the Coach if you wish to be assessed at the beginning of the taster session.

Women’s & Girls only sessions: This is a track session for Women and Girls only and caters for all ages and ability levels. The session provides you with the opportunity to ride with friends and others of a similar ability to develop bike handling techniques and develop cycling fitness. The session is open to beginners and more advanced riders. The coach will assess your ability level and cater the session to suit your needs

Senior Sessions: This is a more advanced session open to all club/accredited riders over the age of 16. These sessions will further develop technique, skill and fitness and prepare you for various types of racing.

Coming Soon: Youth Track Session: This will be a beginner track session for all riders u16. This session is a great starting point for any riders new to track cycling. You will learn the basic skills needed to ride the track safely. If you wish to progress further in this session you can work towards youth track accreditation and learn the art of track racing.

Coming soon: Over 60’s Session: This is a beginner session for anyone over the age of 60. This is a similar session to the track taster and you will be given you the opportunity to ride with riders of a similar age and ability. You will learn new skills and techniques each week and progress to becoming an accredited rider.

Coming Soon: Veterans SQT Track Session: This is a session for experienced track riders aged 40+. You must be an accredited rider at either Knowsley or Manchester to ride this session. The session will be adapted to meet the needs of the riders as the group grows.

 Again thank you for your help in promoting Knowsley Velodrome.

Many thanks

Phil Ball
Go-Ride Coach: Knowsley | British Cycling

British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ