Knowsley SQT for Youth A&B

Can we have one last push to make all riders aware of the new track cluster of training session starting at Knowsley this coming Thursday, 5th June which will run from 6pm-8pm.  Please see further details below from Monica Eden.

This aim of this session, as with the Manchester Session is to bridge the gap between Club/Cluster to Regional & National Competition & RSR.

The session will cost £5 and riders must be at the following:

1.Youth A/B

2. Need to be the TOP performers in the Top Group of the Cluster that they are in (i.e North West)

3. Riders will be at a level where they ride ACT Track League group 2 or higher or Knowsley Track League.

4. Have the use of their own bike.

Riders observed as not at the standard required will be asked to return to cluster or club sessions to up skill and coach will be advised of this.  THIS IS NOT A LEARN TO RIDE ABOVE THE BLUE SESSION.

Whilst entry for the Manchester session is Entry online – due to possible cancellations due to weather we will not run with the Online Entry system at Knowsley and it will be pay on the night. If riders are going to attend they will require a consent form. This consent form is attached to this email and should be brought with riders on the evening.

The objective of developing two sessions is to allow more access to a greater number of riders across the region and to offer riders a session that is within shorter travelling distance to them. This is not an opportunity for riders to access the session twice a week. Riders close to Knowsley should access that session with riders nearer to Manchester accessing that session.