Cyclocross training

Cyclocross training sessions every Tuesday at 7pm till 8pm @ Wavertree Park, next to the football pitches.

Practicing fastest lines in and out of differing corners. Learning to think about different lines.
Using the best available surfaces
Lots of jumping on and off and getting you confident in using this vital skill. Beginners can learn bit by bit and become proficient!
The ‘hole shot’ can be the most important part of your race, so plenty of practice is needed. Focusing on good practice then speed and anticipation.
Fighting for a corner against 2-3-4 riders is where the pressure starts to build. So we regularly pit each other against technical parts of a course to get used to the feeling.
Dismounting in time and running with your bike shouldered or pushed is key to cross. We work on anticipating distance and the physical demands.
All are welcome, not just LCRC membersMike, the organiser